Saturday, June 14, 2003


After attending my first all-staff meeting and spending a week getting used to the bureaucratic bullsh*t that precedes all action in a government office, I'm becoming depressed at the somewhat dire state of the arts. The Philadelphia Museum of Art just laid off 35 people, The Met let go 10% of its employees, the National Museums have lost 25% of attendance. The Bush administration routinely laughs at our need for funding in between purchase orders for more Homeland Security. (Can't you see them whooping it up around the Oval Office water cooler..... "And THEN they asked US for money! For a MUSEUM! [laughes hysterically] Hey Bob, you gotta hear this one!").

I LOVE my summer job. Please help me to do it permanently someday. All of you, go to a museum this weekend. Buy something in the shop, or buy a soda, or just leave money in the box. Or donate that musty old Picasso you have lying around your attic. You've got the time... Harry Potter 5 doesn't come out for 7 more days.

Friday, June 06, 2003

Now I'm Big and Important...

Whew. My dirth of posts might suggest some sort of sabotage a la Bryan's blog, but really the absence was due to my relocation. After a whole lotta packing, driving, stopping, driving, unpacking, and finding the nearest golf course, I am now situated and happily bringing you the downlo from our nation's capital. Before I left, all anyone had to say about DC in the summer is how hot it gets, but thanks to the never ending rain, we've only barely broken 70 since I arrived. Wonder how long that will hold out. Last night, however, we did enjoy F-16's flying at low altitudes as they practiced their drills for Homeland Security. After listening to that, I'm not sure how they could do anything but create large amounts of debris, which doesn't seem very safe. Not to mention that the drills had to be postponed to last night, because the night before it was raining, and apparently F-16's don't work in the rain. Let's hope terrorists stick to the Sunshine-Attack Plan.

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